Construction Manager in Training - certification for rising professionals

The CMIT designation promotes:

  • A commitment to professional development, showing employers, clients, and co-workers that you are committed to becoming a professional, practicing construction manager
  • Competence in construction management practice early in your career
  • Knowledge of the practices, procedures and principles represented by a CCM and professional construction managers


CMIT is for:

  • Soon to be and recent graduates of accredited engineering, architecture, or construction management degree programs
  • Working graduate-degree candidates
  • Early career individuals focused onpursuing the CCM credential by connecting with a CCM
  • Experienced professionals dedicated to becoming a professional construction manager

The CMIT program will help you grow and develop your career.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of Construction Management through self-study and an assessment of your comprehension of CMAA’s Capstone publication, A History of the Practices and Procedures of Construction Management. 


You will be entitled to use the industry-recognized designation CMIT following your name and will continue to do so with annual renewal of your enrollment in the program. You will receive a discounted CMAA Membership, providing access to information and special pricing on products, events, workshops, webinars and networking opportunities. Along with the designation and discounted membership, you receive access to our CMpat Portal.

How the CMIT program works

The CMIT program has two phases: The Capstone Assessment and the Mentor-Protégé Relationship.

Phase 1: Capstone Assessment

The Capstone Assessment component of the program lays the foundation of knowledge and instills an understanding of the history of construction management practices and procedures.  Candidates are required to read the Capstone publication and complete the online assessment. When a passing grade of 80% is achieved, candidates earn the CMIT designation and are enrolled in the CMIT Program.

Phase 2: Mentor-Protégé Relationship

The Mentor-Protégé Relationship is an on-going and key aspect of the CMIT program.  Mentors provide CMITs guidance and support to ensure CMITs are on the right track to obtain the project experience needed to qualify for CCM certification. Mentors and protégés create and manage development plans.  As a CMIT, you may choose any CCM you currently work with, or you can access CMAA’s growing roster of CCM’s who have expressed interest in mentoring.   To guide this process, CMAA provides mentors and protégés with the CMIT Mentor Program Guide, which can be found here: Need a mentor? Find one in the Mentor Directory (requires login).


As a CMIT, you will have access to CMpat (the CM Practitioners Assessment Tool) where you can track your RIC experience as you progress through your career. CMpat works seamlessly with the CCM application, so when you are ready to apply, all your information is already stored and ready to be rolled over.