April 2016 Luncheon Recap: ZBRELLA Presents... "Change or Die"

Thank you to all those who've attended Michael Zucchi's ZBRELLA "Change or Die" presentation. Please view Zbrella's Presentation below.

Michael Zucchi, CEO of ZBRELLA, a NY-based IT company and technology consulting firm that services an array of industries, with an emphasis on the construction industry. ZBRELLA helps clients leverage the latest technology to improve efficiency, transform business processes, and increase profits.  Mr. Zucchi, is a Solutions Orchestrator by day and a futurist by night. He takes pleasure in dreaming up new ways to disrupt the world with technology by night and builds those very same systems by day to understand and automate the world. He is the CEO of a futuristic, fun and thought provoking technology firm that changes the way we work, live and play.

Speaking Engagements:
CMAA National Conference 2015 - How Technology’s Changing Construction
CMAA National Project Symposium - Drones in Construction
ConstrucTech Day 2014 - Trending Technology 2014
Technology Day 2013 - The Rise of the Machines  

Written Work:
ENR Drone: A Getaway to Full Site Automation
CE Tech Trends - Drones VS Cranes
ConstrucTech Magazine - Machines and the Age of Information
CIO Review Magazine - Money is Made in the Field